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What you need to know about Black Friday this year
Marketing | Novermber 23, 2022

This Black Friday week we've planned many exciting offers for you!

Between the 23rd and 27th of November, we’d be giving you discounts on bill payments, physical card requests, and refunds on airtime/data purchases made between certain hours on these days.

All you need to know about Stamp Duty
Updates | Novermber 22, 2022

You might have heard of stamp duty but never really understood what this may be and why banks charge you this fee when you receive money from other banks.

In this write up, we explain what stamp duty is and how it affects you as an individual.

What do you deserve?
Marketing | September 11, 2022

Everyone desires the good things in life. This might vary for every individual as we all have different needs and wants. Gomoney is being your genie in a bottle to help your wishes come true. So, "what do you deserve"?

A quick guide to wealth generation
Features | August 26, 2022

Progressive wealth is built when you spend less than you earn, and to do that, you need to be aware of your spending and control or eliminate expenses that are making you go above your budget without any returns.

The best way to save money on a holiday trip
July 21, 2022

Some say the best time for a holiday is the winter season, some are of the opinion it’s summer while some say it’s spring. The only ones I know are rain, dry and harmattan seasons and the best time for me is when my money can afford.

Money and Mental Health
People | May 31, 2022

It is popularly said, that when you live with your parents you can easily be considered royalty but as soon you become “independent” adulthood bites at you hard and you just have to measure every single thing - down to the grain of rice you consume.

Without a doubt, adulting can be quite challenging mentally with all its responsibilities, especially those financial responsibilities.

Love, Lies, and Money
People | February 14, 2022

There are probably a thousand and one songs or movies on love, lies, and money. All your favorite Musicians, Poets, and Movie Directors have done something on at least one of these topics. Davido struck two at once when he said “Love is sweet oh, when money enter, love is sweeter…”

How to track your expenses with gomoney
Features | June 22, 2021

Tracking your expenses is a lot like journaling in that it teaches you about yourself and helps you make better decisions. Let's explore the easiest ways to track your spending

5 ways to make money online in Nigeria
June 18, 2021

Maybe you want to create a separate stream of income to pay a few bills, or, you’re simply looking for a way to make some extra enjoyment money in your free time? Whatever your goal, there are a ton of different legitimate ways how to make money online.

Before you make any investment decisions, ask yourself these 4 questions
June 15, 2021

Investing even small amounts can reap the sweet rewards of letting your money work for you. Here are 4 questions to help you make the right investment decisions

Money tips with gomoney: A beginners guide to building emergency fund
June 04, 2021

Getting your finances in control can be a life-changing move. Here are some simple tips to help you get started!

How To Recharge Glo, Airtel and others with gomoney
Features | May 28, 2021

Want instant airtime recharge on your phone right now? Your gomoney app is here for you

How To Pay IBEDC, Ikeja Electric, Abuja, Benin and other Electricity bills Online With gomoney
Features | May 26, 2021

Pay your IBEDC, Ikeja electric and other electricity bills online with the gomoney app . Read the full step-by-step guide here.

The Best Platform for Online Payment In Nigeria
Features | May 20, 2021

Looking for the best app for online payments in Nigeria? Download and start using gomoney mobile app for online payments in a 3 minutes or less

4 questions to help you determine the right business for you
People | April 23, 2021

Making extra money is always great. Whether you're working full time and want a side gig for extra funds or trying to start a low-risk business, these questions are a great way to decide what is best for you

Virtual Cards for Tier 2 Users
Features | March 25, 2021

Great News! Tier 2 users can now shop online on Nigerian websites! 🎉

How gomoney prioritises your security
Features | March 19, 2021

Your security is our priority, so we spend a lot of time staying up to date on the best and most convenient security technology.

The single's guide to a love-filled Valentine's
People | February 10, 2021

Valentine's day has been hijacked by the "his view", "her view" crew; doesn't mean the single folks can't enjoy it too 😝

6 reasons gomoney is the digital bank you deserve
Features | February 04, 2021

While you're ensuring that your mask is always on your nose and mouth, we'll ensure you never have to visit a bank in person to access quality banking 💕

Why we sometimes have to freeze or downgrade accounts on gomoney
January 26, 2021

Finding out that your bank has frozen or downgraded your account isn’t a great experience. We understand that it poses a major inconvenience and can be particularly bothersome when you know you’ve done nothing wrong.

gomoney Virtual Cards: A tale of triumph!
January 26, 2021

How we resolved the gomoney virtual cards issue

Split your bills on the go: how to reduce the effort and increase the reward
January 26, 2021

Get your money back without stress. Life is sweet when you can split bills from your digital bank account

Pay DSTV, GoTV & Electricity Bills in Nigeria With gomoney
September 01, 2020

Need to pay your DSTV, GoTV or Electricity Bills?Download the gomoney app today to pay your DSTV, GoTV & Electricity Bills in Nigeria.

We may be tired but we will keep fighting
June 04, 2020

As a financial platform whose core goal is to foster liberation, we have a moral obligation to lend a voice and contribute in any way that we can.

gomoney wants to reward you!
May 11, 2020

Read on for more on our money back giveaway and how you can win! Update: The second leg of the #MoneyBackGiveaway has begun and will run from the 18th to 21st of May!

Post-lockdown safety tips with gomoney
People | May 06, 2020

As lockdown measures are eased across the country, staying safe and helping to flatten the curve remains a priority. Here are some tips you can incorporate into your daily interactions and transactions to help you do just that 💚

Donation ideas for coronavirus support
People | April 30, 2020

Many Nigerians have been looking for ways to support and promote positivity during these COVID-19 times. If you’re one of them but are not sure where to begin, we've curated a few for you!

gomoney for iOS is finally here!
April 08, 2020

We're excited to announce that we're rolling out our much anticipated iOS app!

Take control of how and when you pay bills with gomoney
Features | April 01, 2020

We believe the logical way to pay bills is to pay them whenever you want. Scheduled Payments allows you to pay future bills whenever, wherever.

Self-care in the time of COVID-19
People | March 19, 2020

As the COVID-19 scare becomes more real, we thought it would be best to share some tips on how we can all stay safe in these confusing times.

How To Get a Virtual Card In Nigeria With gomoney
Features | February 27, 2020

Need a virtual card in Nigeria? Set up your gomoney account to get a virtual MasterCard that can be used for both international and local payments

Bank transfer charges on gomoney
Updates | February 19, 2020

To comply with the new Finance Bill while maintaining our top-notch service, we've had to update our bank transfer charge.

A stress-free way to keep track of your spending
Features | February 05, 2020

The best way to manage your money is to keep an eye on where and when you're spending. Let's do it together!

The smart way to manage your finances and reach your money goals
January 23, 2020

Organise your spending with no hidden fees, no transaction costs, 0% Wahala 😉

Our exciting 2019 and why we're looking forward to 2020
Features | January 18, 2020

We expect this year to be even more exciting and we can’t wait to get started!

Welcome to gomoney
December 13, 2019

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