Earn some sweet cash every time you invite a friend to gomoney 💸

When you share gomoney with friends, you could win between ₦80,000 and an iPhone 11!

You could win between ₦80,000 and an iPhone 11 when you invite family and friends to gomoney using your unique referral code!

You’ve done the work to spread the gospel of gomoney now it’s time to reap the benefits! As the bank you deserve and resident champion of split transactions, we’d never leave you or your new gomoney disciples empty-handed.

That’s why whenever you refer a friend to gomoney using your referral code, you will receive ₦300, and they’ll get ₦200. All they have to do is open a gomoney account, verify their BVN and spend at least ₦2,000 on airtime, data, bills (electricity, TV) and card purchases.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to qualify

Already have a gomoney account? great! Skip ahead to step 3!

  1. Download the gomoney app from

  2. Create your gomoney account in 3 minutes or less!

  3. You have to be a Tier 2 gomoney user to qualify. Go to your profile by tapping on the circle in the top right corner of your home page (it should display either your initials or profile picture), click on “Upgrade account” and follow the instructions to verify your BVN

  4. In your profile menu, you will find the ‘Invite Friends’ section. Click on that, then select “Share referral link” — you can customise your link (like, change it to your name), or send it as it is

  5. Every time someone who uses your code spends at least ₦2,000 on their Tier 2 gomoney account, you’ll get ₦300, and they’ll get ₦200!

  6. Refer up to 20 friends and earn up to ₦6,000!

Why stop there?

Once you hit the 20 invites mark, additional referrals will qualify you for a competition where you stand a chance to win cash prizes of up to ₦80,000, or a 128 GB iPhone 11!

Here’s how it works:

After your first 20 referrals, you earn one point when every additional referral that meets our criteria:

  • The first person with 100 points or more will win a 128GB iPhone 11! 🎉

  • First 5 people with 10 points or more will win ₦10,000

  • First 3 people with 20 points or more will win ₦20,000

  • First 3 people with 50 points or more will win ₦50,000

  • First 3 people with 80 points or more will win ₦80,000 🤑

Update your gomoney app and start spreading the gospel!

Don’t have an account? Download the gomoney app here!

Why gomoney?

It’s the bank you deserve!

We designed gomoney to fit into your lifestyle

Open an account on your phone in 3 minutes or less. gomoney simplifies your money and banking to you. There are no hidden costs, no undisclosed charges and no unnecessary paperwork.

You are in the driver’s seat

We built gomoney to ensure you always have control of where and how you spend your money. With gomoney, what you do and how you do it is entirely up to you. The tools we provide simply empower you to understand personal finance better and make the right decisions for you. It’s what you deserve!

You can split bills effortlessly

Track shared expenses with friends, family or roommates, so everyone pays their share of the bill! We’ll even send reminders on your behalf to spare you the awkwardness conversations. 😉

Manage your payments easily

With gomoney, you can schedule one-time payments or set-up recurring payments for electricity, data, paid TV subscriptions, gym and any other bills you pay regularly! You also get cards*, which you can use for all your online transactions.

Start referring! And may the best person win! 💚

Love from the gomoney team

Terms and conditions apply

*Virtual cards. We’ll be rolling out gomoney physical at the end of the month!

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