Exclusive Dinner or Luxurious Spa Date for You – Match and Go!

In today’s world, colours mean a lot more than just nice bright hues you put on for fun. They represent causes, movements, brands, and more. Putting on the right colour can make you stand out in a crowd, but more importantly it can get you to enjoy a luxurious spa date or dine at an exclusive restaurant with your friends.

You may be tempted to skip because it’s too good to be true. Well, let’s simplify the process in a typical gomoney style. All you need to do to get this opportunity is show off some creativity with your gomoney debit card -by matching your outfit with the colour of the card. Next, you and your friends would work the magic by throwing in your most creative photo as you match the colour of the card. You know the drill –make sure you're following gomoney on Instagram. Then you can post that picture on the gram and add the tag #Matchandgo. If it’s dope and gets the right engagement, you’re all on your way to that special treatment –an all-expense-paid spa date or exquisite dinner.

Now you see how the right colour can get you and your friends the right weekend pampering. So get your card, get your colour right and bring your creative concepts to the table. Let’s see who gets this one and wins the special treatment.

If you need a reminder, here are the simple steps to participate:

  • Download the gomoney app – available on both Android and IOS

  • Sign up and request a gomoney debit card

  • Take a picture with your friends (not more than 10 friends) where you all match the colour of your gomoney debit cards with anything you have on you -bags, shoes, shirts, nails, etc.

  • Follow gomoneyon Instagram

  • Add a hashtag #mygoCard or #MatchandGo and post the picture on Instagram

The most engaging post would stand a chance to win a luxurious spa date or dinner at an exclusive restaurant for the group. Other prize categories for runners-up include branded gomoney merchandise.

Join in on the creativity, from May 10th to June 7th, and hopefully, you’d be the lucky group of friends to enjoy the awesome experience! You deserve it!

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