A good way to reflect on your finances is to ask yourself critical questions like: How have you been spending your money? Have you been sticking to your budgets? Have you met your financial goals for the year? All these questions can only be answered if you are using the right tools and processes judiciously.

With gomoney, you can get to experience a simplified banking process with the enriched transactions feature which makes it easier for you to track your spending efficiently when you know how, what, where, and when you spend your money.

To enable our users to see the importance of our tracking and categorizing features of the gomoney app, we have launched ‘goReview’.

goReview is a personalised wholistic financial report that gives each user insights into their spending for a period of time to enable them review their spending habits at a glance and see their money moves. This enables users to have a better understanding of their financial decisions and how they can make more enlightened decisions in order to achieve their money goals.

The goReview financial report is an excellent tool to help users evaluate their financial decisions and adjust their plans for future spending. It's time to take control of your finances and make every Naira count.

The 2023 half-year report focuses on helping users review and evaluate the transactions on their account. Users get to see what they have spent the most on as well as when, so you can understand your spending habits more. You also, get to know to whom you have sent the most money and who has sent you the most money within the year.

Our users get insights on what their goPersonality is based on their app activity. The four goPersonalities are:

  • goSleeper: A goSleeper is someone who has a gomoney account but is not leveraging the benefits of the bank they deserve.

  • goStarter: A goStarter is someone who has only performed transfers and not explored the other features the gomoney app has to offer. Only if they knew…

  • goStasher: A goStasher is someone who has been actively stashing away money with the gostash feature on the gomoney app.

  • goGetter: As the name goes, someone who strives for excellence. A goGetter is someone who utilizes , multiple features of the gomoney app. Aspire to be a goGetter so you can do more.

Ideally everyone should aspire to be a go-getter in life and so should you on the gomoney app. By doing this, you are definitely on the right path to financial success.

For users who find this interesting and would like to share with their friends, we have enabled a sharing option to share their findings directly from the app to social channels like Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Threads.

The half-year goReview report presents stored data from your past activities (Spending and Categories) between January and June 2023 and cannot be edited or adjusted. For users to have more accurate data in terms of their categories and reports in the full-year report, users are required to constantly track, review and categorize their spending every month.

The full-year report promises to give a lot more insights with a more wholistic approach. You definitely don’t want to miss this. Make sure you track and categorize your spending and be a go-getter while at it.

The gomoney app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.