gomoney for iOS is finally here!

We're excited to announce that we're rolling out our much anticipated iOS app!

We're super pumped to announce our latest development: our iOS app is now available, and it's as pretty (and efficient) as you're anticipating!

Download the iOS app here!

gomoney was created in 2018 with a mission to give users full control of your money and the tools to understand their spending habits better. However, we recognised that to fully reach our goal, it is paramount to bring gomoney to anyone looking to improve their understanding of their finances and effortlessly manage their money. As a result, one of our new year's resolutions was to expand our reach to include iOS users in the first quarter of this year.

After modification and improvements on our Android appโ€” updates that wouldn't have been successfully implemented if not for feedback from our steadily growing users, we decided it was time to spread our wings and bring gomoney to our vocally eager iOS users.

This is our first iOS build and we like to think of this as a team project where you are the tester and we are the builders. So, while you're enjoying the easy-breezy benefits of gomoney, we'd appreciate your feedback on any issues you find, or improvements you think can help us enhance your gomoney experience.

Get the iOS app here!

Why gomoney?

Itโ€™s designed to fit into your lifestyle

Open an account in less than 3 minutes directly from your phone. Split bills, track money and experience banking designed to simplify your life!

It keeps you in control

gomoney offers free, safe and convenient transactions. Equipped with a growing number of ways to send and receive money, all on the gomoney app, you're always in control of how your transactions: you decide what works for you any day, any time.

You can split bills effortlessly

gomoney allows you to create groups with friends to share joint expenses or split bills on existing bills - You split, we share!

Manage your money easily

You can schedule future one-off payments now and get them out of the way, and set your recurring bills as at a frequency and expiry date of your choice.

If Android is your thing, you can download the gomoney for Android app on the Play Store, too. Feel free to leave a review ๐Ÿ’š

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