6 reasons gomoney is the digital bank you deserve

While you're ensuring that your mask is always on your nose and mouth, we'll ensure you never have to visit a bank in person to access quality banking 💕

Maybe you’ve been using gomoney for a while, or maybe you only recently downloaded the app. You have your push notifications and detailed spending summaries, but are you really enjoying all the gomoney benefits?

Here are some gomoney features you might not know, that could improve your expense tracking, help you save easier and simplify money to you!

We’ve also highlighted how gomoney prioritises your security without compromising your comfort.

1. Virtual Cards for secure, stress-free and trackable online payments

Need to make online payments safely? Or pay for new and old subscriptions without stressing out your physical card? Use a gomoney virtual MasterCard!

Anyone can create a virtual card from their gomoney app. Once you have yours, you can start making international payments (like Amazon and Asos) or local payments (Uber, Taxify, Jumia, etc.), quickly and without stress. You can even set up recurring payments or subscriptions like Netflix, Apple Music, iOS and Playstore apps, YouTube Music and more— any payment, any time!

Virtual cards for Local and international payments gomoney Nigerian digital bank

2. Split bills payments and group purchases in just a few taps

Not only can you track your spending more accurately, but you're also on top of who has paid you and whose door to break. 🌚 Next time you're planning a meetup or holiday with friends, manage the group's payments with gomoney.

Select "Payments", slide to the "Split" tab, add everyone to the group and adjust the amounts if you need to. We'll make sure everything adds up.

And if you're splitting a transaction you already paid for: select the transaction you want to share, tap "Split" and create a split group— no stress, no noise.

Create a split tab to split group bills and keep track of shared payments with gomoney digital bank

3. Schedule bills and other payments

Head to your Payments tab and tap "Schedule'" at the top of the page.

Select your options— either a bill or a bank transfer, add the details required, choose your schedule frequency and hit 'Schedule'. On the day(s) and time you've chosen, we'll send you a notification and make the payment at no additional charge!

Scheduling your payment is convenient and risk-free. Suppose you don't have enough in your account at the time, no worries. We'll send you a notification stating the problem, but we won't debit your account.

4. In-app help to keep your business private and push notifications that don't include your balance

Because walls have eyes and mouths we don't want in your business without your permission, gomoney will never display your account balance recklessly. Every successful transaction is followed by an instant notification that doesn't include your account balance. This way, you (and only you) are always aware of the ins and outs of your account.


5. Retrieve your account easily, but securely 😊 🔐

These are odd times, so we completely understand that remembering passwords is a lot more of a task than usual. If you forget your password, no problem. Just tap forgot password and go through our facial recognition sequence. If your facial features match what we have on record based on your credentials and the live photos you shared with us in-app, you'll have access to your account with no stress.

6. Put your pretty face to work with Liveness test (facial recognition) 😊

All gomoney accounts are now protected by facial verification. Once you perform the liveness test, your face serves as your account's security. If you haven't yet, don't worry, the facial verification screen will pop up to you once you update your gomoney app and log into your account.

While you're ensuring that your mask is always on your nose and mouth, we'll make sure you never have to visit a bank in person to access quality banking. 💕

Don't have a gomoney account?

To enjoy the full benefits of the bank you deserve, Download the gomoney app and set up an account in less than 3 minutes!

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