We've stripped banking of its extra baggage and given you the essentials: sending and receiving money quickly, seeing where your money is going in real time and paying bills on the go, all from your mobile phone.

gomoney transactions, like the best things in life, are completely free! You can send and receive money, split bills with friends, schedule recurring bills and schedule future payments in an instant.

Here's all you'll need to do:

  1. Download the gomoney app,

  2. Follow the sign up instructions and open an account in less than 2 minutes,

  3. Top up your account using a card or NIP transfer,

  4. Start performing hassle-free, splitting bills and scheduling payments in no time!

To pay bills: go to services > choose bill vendor > pay your bill within seconds.

It's as quick and seamless as sending an instant message!

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Alright, here's our deal:

We're an app-based financial platform designed to make your life easier and organise your money, so freeing you up to do more of the things you enjoy.

Think of us as your finance sidekick, dedicated to delivering stress-free transactions and helping you see where your money is going, so you're always in the loop when it comes to your money and your finances.

Our deal is to make hassle-free banking the new normal by creating first-rate financial services that are free (or at least fairly priced) and accessible to every one. Spending and stowing your money with traditional banks can be a bit of a chore. Maintenance and spending charges you have no control over, limited spending possibilities and overly complicated customer service centres are not ideal in our opinion.

We imagined a different type of bank; one that tailors itself to individual needs, puts you first and makes it easier to understand your money. So, we stripped banking down to its barest, rolled up our sleeves and created gomoney— it's like a bank, but better.


Decentralising banking

We built gomoney because we believe everyone has a right to secure financial services, and everyone deserves to keep their money in a safe place where they can access it whenever they need to. Our decision to leverage upon the growing use of smart and feature phones in Nigeria isn't baseless; our crux to bridge the gap between the underbanked and financial services, and we believe the best way to do it would be through something more Nigerians have access to than basic hygiene needs: mobile phones.

The United Nations reports that of Nigeria's 190 million people, about 140 million have cell phones, only 97 million have access to improved sanitation and even less have access to adequate (or any) financial services. Traditional banks, it turns out, are essentially structured to exclude large part of Nigeria's adult population.

We aim to meet and exceed every Nigerian's financial needs with mobile financial services, and create an ecosystem where quality financial services are accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live, their physical or financial differences.


We're building a community-based banking experience, and we're intentional about it. Not only do you get to see your spending in real-time and form a healthy relationship with it, but you can also rest knowing we're keeping an eye on your funds.

We're creating an experience that is labour-saving, convenient, functional and helps you form a better— healthier—relationship with your money. Smartphone or feature phone, there's a gomoney for you.

Ready to experience better banking?