Despite the current state of things, it has been a fairly productive year for us here at gomoney. So far this year, we buffed up some of our existing features, activated some new features and launched gomoney for iOS!

We say thank you a lotβ€” because we believe that grit like yours should never be unappreciated, but, we are Nigerians and our culture demands that sometimes, man has to "drop something" to show appreciation.

I'm listening...

Alright, great!

We've developed a Money Back giveaway to thank you for choosing gomoney for your stress-free banking needs and to encourage you towards exploring more of the services we've created to enhance your banking experience.

Every user who meets the criteria stands a chance of getting 50% or up to N1,000 of the value on their latest transaction back from us!

Nice! How do I qualify? πŸ†

This promo is designed mainly reward you for constantly acknowledging our hard work by consistently utilising your gomoney account. So, to qualify, you'll need to:

  1. Be a tier 2 customer. This simply means your BVN needs to be linked to your gomoney account. To do this all you need to do, once you log in, is:

    • Go to your profile (that's the icon on the top left corner of your account),

    • Click "upgrade",

    • Click "Link BVN" and that's it! Don't remember your BVN? no wahala. Simply dial 565# on the phone number registered to your BVN and that's it!

    We started gathering points on your behalf from the first of May, so we'll send you a notification if (and when) you've gathered enough points to qualify.

  2. Have completed at least 12 successful transactions of the following criteria within a month:

    • Send a payment Request

    • Pay a bill

    • Send money to someone

    • Use your virtual card online

    • Fund your account

    • Split transfers/bills

Once you qualify, you will get a push notification to let you know you're in and then, all you'll have to do is keep enjoying your gomoney account and if you're one of the lucky winners, you'll get your reward! 🍻

How long will this be running?

First leg of the campaign to run from May 11 to May 14, after which we will share updates and details for another active-user targeted promo, so follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for all your promo updates! If you don't have social media, that's okay, see our blog for weekly promo updates!

Don't forget, you also earn points when you invite your friends to join using your unique referral code. When you click on your profile (that's the top left corner of your home page), go to "invite a friend" and you will see your referral code!

Update: The second leg of this giveaway commenced on the 18th of May. More to be won!

New to gomoney? Let's start with a proper introduction 🀝

gomoney is designed to fit into your lifestyle

Open an account in less than 3 minutes directly from your phone. Split bills, track money and experience banking designed to simplify your life!

gomoney keeps you in control

gomoney offers free, safe and convenient transactions. Equipped with a growing number of ways to send and receive money, all on the gomoney app, you're always in control of how your transactions: you decide what works for you any day, any time.

You can split bills effortlessly

gomoney allows you to create groups with friends to share joint expenses or split bills on existing bills - You split, we share!

And manage your money easily

You can schedule future one-off payments now and get them out of the way, and set your recurring bills as at a frequency and expiry date of your choice.

Want to know more? Check out our short intro blog post!

Really, thank you for choosing gomoney for your zero-wahala, hassle-free, community banking. Together, we can change the definition of quality banking in Nigeria

Stay Safe!