Why be basic when we can be better?

Your gomoney account is always secure. We ensure that you’re always in control of your security with a login and transaction PIN of your choice. Your account is also insured with the NDIC.

But security isn't linear, and neither are we.

Recently, we added liveness tests as an extra layer of security to gomoney accounts for more security and more control.

What is a 'Liveness Test'?

It's essentially facial recognition.

A Liveness Test is a process where you take a video of your face by following instructions in-app. This helps us capture your facial features (which are unique to you) and use your face to secure your account.

If you forget your password or change your phone, the liveness test lets you use your face to get back into the application instantly by simply being you!

How does it work on gomoney?

When you log in, you’ll get a popup prompting you to perform a liveness test. We added liveness tests to enhance your security. If you opt to take it later, no worries, we’ll send you reminders to ensure that you don’t forget.

liveness test instructions gomoney bank nigeria security

Once you complete your liveness test, your face becomes the ultimate key 🔐 🥰

You’ll be able to securely make changes to your account, and enjoy even more ease and flexibility with payments. You can:

  • 1. Activate your gomoney account on another phone by simply following the instructions to make another video— all we need is a match and within seconds, you’re in!

  • 2. Change your password from within your gomoney app

  • 3. Unlock and make payments with your face— passwords? Who needs them? 😝

Note: you may need to give gomoney permission to access your phone's camera to successfully perform this test.

lock security gomoney bank nigeria

Other ways gomoney priorities your security

  • Control your cards: You can freeze and unfreeze your cards quickly and securely. You can also block existing cards and order new ones from within your gomoney app.

  • Detailed Spending Reports: You also get a detailed receipt for every expense— with the name, location, merchant and time— that you can review, download and send to whomever, whenever.

  • We keep your account balance private: We’ll send you transaction updates via push notifications, but never your account balance: account balances can only be accessed when you log into your gomoney app.

We're obsessed with your security at gomoney, so if you have any questions or just want to discuss your security needs, talk to us!

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