How To Get a Virtual Card In Nigeria With gomoney

Ever been stranded because you forgot your wallet or lost your card?

We're excited to announce that you can now create a virtual card for your gomoney account! In just a few steps, you will be able to set up your virtual card and start using it immediately for safe, convenient transactions, without pulling out your wallet.

What is a virtual card?

Virtual cards are one of our many tools (existing and forthcoming) designed to make managing your money safer, easier and smarter. A virtual card has a unique 16-digit number and generally functions as a regular card⁠—but on your phone! You can use it to make both on- and offline payment and pay for online subscriptions. As is our policy with every gomoney transaction, any time your transaction is successful, you'll get an instant notification from gomoney.

Cool, and what's the point?

Great question!

A virtual card is basically like your regular card, but safer and with less hassle, especially for online transactions. Because your virtual card number is different from that on your physical debit card, you have an extra layer of security when you shop online. And with gomoney's personalised security settings, you can choose what type of transactions you want and completely shut your card out of certain types of transactions— we're assuming transactions you'll never get into— so we know what to look out for, and you can stay shielded from the money and identity grabbers.

All this security, baby

For your safety, your card details will be masked. To view your details, Click the "Reveal Details" button on your card page and input your card pin.

You can freeze your card immediately after use and unfreeze it again whenever you need it next, like locking your door when you go to sleep. You can also block your virtual card by clicking on the "Block" button on the card page and inputting your card pin. After blocking a virtual card, you can replace it by requesting a new card. Please note that requesting a new card attracts a NGN 1000 fee.

You'll also always have access to your card right on your phone, so you don't have to grab your card when to check out, and you don't have to autofill.

Are there any maintenance charges?

Getting a virtual card is totally free. However, there will be a quarterly maintenance charge of NGN 53.75 on all activated virtual cards, coming down to NGN 215 per year. We charge this (and only this, no hidden costs), so we give you the 3D security and ease of transactions that our chosen card issuer, MasterCard, provides.

Alright, sign me up!


Setting up your virtual card is simple and free. All you need to do is:

1: Once you open your gomoney app, you'll see a rectangle-shaped box at the top right corner, beside your account balance.

2: Select 'Get a virtual card'

3: Choose a PIN for your card

And you're done! Once your card is set up, all you have to do to use it is swipe to the left!


We'll be rolling out physical cards very soon, but in the meantime, we have partnered with Farepay to make all your card transactions trackable through gomoney. We're really excited about these cards and we'd love your feedback.

We’re constantly working to bring you more tools and features and materials to make money management simple and stress-free. To access that, be sure to always have the latest version of the gomoney app installed on your phone.

Currently, gomoney is only available for Android users on PlayStore, but we'll be releasing gomoney for iOS, so watch this space and keep up with us on social media!

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