Tracking your spending is closer to keeping and writing in a thought journal than we tend to imagine. Journaling helps us organize events in mind to think objectively and set realistic targets.

Similarly, keeping a personal finance journal gives you insight into the correlation between your spending and moods. Tracking your payments also help you discover habits that don't favour your money goals so that you can begin to adjust them without getting overwhelmed.

Experts believe that you'd be more inclined to keep track of your money if you had a designated diary. They suggest one of the following:

  • The notes app on your phone

  • A portable pen and paper

  • A budgeting app where you manually input everything you buy

While the above could help you think before you spend, they also require dedication that will eventually get stressful.

A better way to track your expenses

Our team here at gomoney is always thinking of how to make money less stressful. So, naturally, we asked ourselves: "how can we help customers build healthy money habits easily?".

Answer: bring budgeting into banking.

This lightbulb moment birthed gomoney "Reports".

What is gomoney's Reports feature?

The "Reports" feature serves as a personal finance journal. But unlike traditional journaling, your transactions are recorded automatically, only to be thought of and explored at your convenience. You get to organize and tag your transactions into categories. Once labelled, every transaction will be allocated to your chosen category, fostering useful and accurate spending overviews.

gomoney summarises all your spending in your 'Reports' page.

Your debits and credits and tracked and recorded in 'Reports', so you'll see how you're spending and where you can cut costs without sacrificing your lifestyle.

The Reports and payment tracking features strip personal finance of all its complexities so that you can easily make decisions that reflect your goals.

Money doesn't have to be complicated. gomoney is dedicated to proving that with tools designed to make money management simple.

Don't have a gomoney account? Download the app here! Open an account in less than 3 minutes and start enjoying banking you deserve.

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