Now that the festive holidays are over, we want to thank you for all the support you have given us in the past year. We'd also like to share some of our achievements in 2019, and give you a sneak peek into our plans for 2020!

At gomoney, we are building a community-focused financial service that puts you and your needs first and is unrestricted by the need for a physical bank or financial borders. We're creating a platform that makes it easier for you to settle your bills, schedule payments and handle financial responsibilities while on the go, so you can focus your mind and time on the things you enjoy.

2019 was a transformative year for our operations and strategy. Our in-house product, design, and development teams redefined and restructured the gomoney application to create a product that is seamless and easy to use. This work was not in vain.

In July 2019, we conducted a teaser exercise that allowed users from around the country enjoy and explore the benefits of gomoney. We were so pleased with the feedback on our features that we decided to open the app for public Beta testing.

Over 50,000 people have signed up


We had another go at it in December. This time, we created an interactive system where users could share their profiles for a race to the top on our leaderboard— there were of course incentives. Following the brief but intense competition, we launched a newer version of gomoney, which is now available on PlayStore (iOS coming soon!). Now, anybody with an android phone can download gomoney and start experience hassle-free banking the gomoney way.

Download here

Since this milestone, thousands of users have turned to gomoney for their stress, hassle and barrier-free banking needs. This year, we're developing new features to enhance the gomoney experience (hint: virtual and physical cards - you've heard it here first ;)).

Much of what is on our drawing board is our attempt to answer the question: how do we make your life easier? We explored a few of our solutions, many of which lead us to the same road: collaboration. And in 2019, we tested the waters by integrating with Farepay.

Partnership for easy, safe and secure travel

Our partnership with Farepay allows you to enjoy all the benefits of your gomoney account— security, quick and easy transactions, tracking your spending and zero maintenance fees— with the added benefit of Farepay's contactless cards. You can use your card at ATMs, for POS transactions, and to pay for BRT rides by simply tapping in (when you get on the bus) and tapping out (when you get off).

This function is now available to all gomoney and Farepay users. If you're not on either, you can download the gomoney app on an Android device and open an account in 3 minutes, or open one at any Farepay agent.

Building an instant banking service for mobile people

We believe banking should be smart, inclusive and built around you and your lifestyle. We've worked hard to create a product that mirrors this belief, and we believe the best way to knock this out of the park would be getting your input. So, if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make this the best product for you, please click this link to share them with us.

Thanks again for all your support, truly. We can’t wait to share more updates, products and features with you in the coming months! Stay posted by following our social media and keeping an eye on our blog.

Happy New Year!

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