The strict 1-month lockdown may have been replaced by more ‘relaxed’ measures, but the threat that COVID-19 poses is no less real than before the lockdown.

With over 2,000 confirmed cases across the country (as of the start of May), extra caution needs to be taken in all avenues so we can overcome these uncertain times together.

Case studies of other nations which have ended nation-wide lockdowns and lockdowns in previous hot zones show that letting people out is simply an invitation to a new battle as the number of identified cases inevitably rises. It's a tough situation, but together, we can manage it, and here's how gomoney can help.

So, how can gomoney help you adapt to post-lockdown living?

Cut Down Your Contact ❌ 🤝

Avoid hand-to-hand contact and exposure to unknown surfaces and POS machines by paying for your groceries, Uber, or that mouth-watering take-away you desire by using GoMoney in-app transfer service or by using your virtual card online.

As a plus, you can avoid long queues at banks and ATMs, further helping you in your efforts to observe social distancing.

From the Store to Your Door 🛒 🚪

The lockdown may have formally ended but that only makes reducing unnecessary travel more important by #StayingatHome. Instead of heading out to the supermarket, why not sit back, relax at home and use your virtual card instead to purchase your groceries online to be delivered to your door?

Pro-tip: by using your virtual card, you can block, reactivate, freeze and unfreeze your gomoney virtual card all from your app.

Keep in Touch Without the Touch 📱💬

Buy data and airtime using gomoney with ease and keep in touch with family, friends and other loved ones wherever they may be around the world.

Split the Bill ➗🧾

Trying to pay for that group Netflix, IrokoTV or Apple music subscription from afar? Create or accept the invitation to a split group through your gomoney account and begin sharing the transformative magic of entertainment from a safe distance.

Show your Support 💸

With work suspended or working hours altered in various sectors across the economy to reduce community transmission of the virus, we could all use some help. Help a friend out, send money home to your family or donate to your favourite non-profits, NGOs and charities at a rate of just ₦8.50.

Whatever measures you choose to take, please stay safe.

With Love from your friends at gomoney 💚