Money conversations are not always the easiest as they are mostly perceived to be uncomfortable or awkward. Most people choose to ignore these conversations even when they require external influence to enable them to understand money better.

At gomoney, we realised this challenge and teamed up with Table Talk Cards to create a limited edition financial deck of cards which we have named 'goPlay Cards'. The deck of cards are filled with intriguing questions that make financial conversations light and fun. The game creates an environment where money can be talked about openly and honestly, without feeling like a taboo subject. The questions have been curated to get the conversation going about financial topics that may be difficult to discuss making it easier to have meaningful conversations about money.

goPlay Deck variance

Our goPlay card is a deck of 100 cards with questions, prompt cards, discussion cards, and ‘did you know’ cards. The card can be played with family, friends, and colleagues to spark conversations centered on finances without pressure. Additionally, the questions help people gain a better understanding of their financial situation and to identify areas where they can improve their financial health.

By playing the game, people can identify areas where they need to make changes or improve their financial habits. It can also help you gain a better understanding of the importance of budgeting, saving, and investing which empowers people to make healthier financial decisions. It is an interactive game so everyone gets to play, engage, and have fun.

Spice up your next game with the goPlay cards. The goPlay cards are only available for request via the marketplace on the gomoney app. Download the app, place your request and enjoy premium money conversations.