The Best Platform for Online Payment In Nigeria

Looking for the best app for online payments in Nigeria? Download and start using gomoney mobile app for online payments in a 3 minutes or less

Are you looking for a payment method that's more practical and secure than cash and won't waste your time standing in line? Paying through your gomoney mobile app is the perfect solution.

gomoney is a bank dedicated to simplifying your money and offering you the simplest ways to save and spend.

Paying with your gomoney app is simple, convenient and safe. You can pay both local and international online transactions, as well as bills: airtime, data, electricity and more!

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Why gomoney is the best online payment platform for you?

It's similar to any other online payment platforms in Nigeria but easier and with no stress. With a gomoney account, you can:

  • • Use your virtual card online (Netflix, Jumia, Paystack, Google Play, Spotify, etc)

  • • Buy airtime and pay household bills

  • • Make quick and easy transfers

gomoney also priorities your convenience. Every gomoney account has tools to:

  • • Save your bills and recurring payments,

  • • Schedule your payments,

  • • Split any bills with roommates, friends etc.,

  • • Track your transactions so you're always up to date


How to set up a gomoney account and start paying online easily

You can create a gomoney account in less than 5 minutes! All you need is your phone!

  • 1. Download the gomoney app from your App or PlayStore

  • 2. Follow the instructions to input your name and details

  • 3. Once that's done, you're in!

Whenever you're ready, you can upgrade your gomoney account quickly and for free! All you'll need to do is tap "Upgrade" on your profile and follow the simple steps.

Are payments made via gomoney safe?

Short answer: yes!

gomoney is certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria. All the money and transactions you make from your gomoney account are insured by the National Deposit Insurance Corporation. For added security, we're also ISP 20000-1 and ISO 22301 compliant and PCI-DSS compliant

Other reasons gomoney is the best online payment platform in Nigeria

  • Control your cards:

    You can freeze and unfreeze your cards quickly and securely. You can also block existing cards and order new ones from within your gomoney app.

  • Your account balance is always private:

    We’ll send you transaction updates via push notifications, but never your account balance: account balances can only be accessed when you log into your gomoney app.

  • Detailed spending reports and easily accessible bank statements:

    You also get a detailed receipt for every expense— with the name, location, merchant and time— that you can review, download and send to whomever, whenever.

Don't have an account? Click here to download, create an account and start enjoying better banking in less than 5 minutes!

Create payment structures that suit your needs, receive monthly reports to plan your spending better, free virtual cards, physical cards and much more! gomoney is the bank you deserve 💙

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