The best way to save money on a holiday trip

Some say the best time for a holiday is the winter season, some are of the opinion it’s summer while some say it’s spring. The only ones I know are rain, dry and harmattan seasons and the best time for me is when my money can afford.

Whenever you travel, you want to always make the best of it - from the experiences to the photos for the gram and most especially the ritual of gifts you have to take back to family and friends as you have crossed the border.

Here are some effective tips to consider if you want to make the best of your holiday:

Have a budget: Of course, before you book the flight or apply for the visa, you already have a budget. Right? But you also have to budget for your stay and the other amazing experiences so you don't go overboard and get stranded. Your budget will obviously be based on your findings before the trip so do that religiously well. Save towards your budget using gostash for free!! Learn more about Stash

Do your research: Before you go to a party, you will at least know the dress code and what is required from you. Yes? You should apply the same energy when traveling. Watch travel vlogs, especially from people who live in those cities or travel influencers who were able to properly explore the city. Most times you will get budget tips from these to know the best places to stay and various experiences, the best mode of transport, best views, etc. You have to get value for your money and it starts with some research.

Your card is cheaper for purchase: Your debit card is the next best option for payment as you get the exchange based on bank rates and could sort transport, meals, and many more when you swipe or charge to your card. With your gomoney debit card spending limit at $100, you take advantage of these to make payments in USD ($) and GBP (£) while you enjoy the holiday.

Pay for your accommodation before you leave: Whether you are the hotel type or you prefer short-let apartments, it’s always good to at least find and book a place for the first few days of your travel so you are not stranded. You can also take advantage of special discounts on booking platforms to save as much as you can.

Tip 💡: always search for new hotels, they have the best discounts and you are sure everything is new. Also, use the map feature to ensure your accommodation is not far from the city centre or all the action you want to experience on your trip.

Flight Tickets: You definitely want to book the cheapest ticket, but you also don't want to have to stay long layovers at the airport or have your flights canceled. If you happen to be booking a connecting flight, ensure you are aware of the country’s health protocols to avoid being stuck there and spending out of your trip funds for tests and all related activities. If you are an adventurer, probably look at connecting countries that offer layover tourism and experience the best of both worlds cheaper. If you have miles, you might want to also take advantage of them.

Ensure you have a convertible currency: You don't want to go to another man’s land with Naira when they don't exchange Naira. You also don’t want to be a victim of airport exchange rates (if nobody has told you, we are telling you now - those fees are RIDICULOUS!). Do your exchange locally in Nigeria to a currency that is convertible in your destination (USD, GBP, etc)

Group Travel: The goal is to chop life and be the best at it. To do that, it’s advisable you travel with friends or family and split the bills. This way you can do more and stay within your budget without forgetting about your future. Learn how to split bills

Last but very important!..

Don’t get tourist duped: Remember we said earlier to do your research, don’t engage in an activity you are not certain of and not ready to lose the money you didn’t plan for. They know you are a tourist and they are very good at persuading tourists to buy or engage in activities at more than 50% of the original price. If you wise for Lagos, no go mumu for another man country. Run your bargain and get your details right.

Which of these tips will you be taking into consideration during your next trip?

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