It seems obvious that the best way to keep track of your money is to know precisely where it's going, when and to whom. But historically, this has always been a struggle.

Tracking expenses is a universal issue because banks have never been the best at providing tools to help consumers effortlessly keep an eye on their money. Banks offer hard-to-understand bank statements and often incoherent notifications, which means many of us still spend hours in our days recalling, trailing and monitoring our spending.

Here's the problem:

Attempting to recall everything you've spent money on at every waking moment of the day is not easy for the average Ajoke (maybe if you have two heads), so many of us devise alternative means. You don't need us to tell you that these methods, effective or not, always require extra effort, often too much to keep up with.


Here at gomoney, we want to make keeping an eye on your transactions as easy as checking your account balance. That's why we created the 'Reports'— a tool designed to perfectly track your money correctly and efficiently, so you can focus your mind (and effort) on other things you enjoy.

What is 'Reports'?

Reports is a budgeting tool created to give you insight into everything you're buying the moment you pay— from petrol, online shopping, monthly bills to the payments you are splitting with a friend or a group of friends.


The tracker equips you with tools to see your money-in and money-out in real-time, as well as what you're spending on the various sectors of your everyday living. You’ll be able to review transactions split into various lifestyle categories: bills, eating out, family, entertainment, expenses, general, transport and more.

Your spendings are categorised automatically based on the merchant’s description. But if you need to reallocate bills – like if you want to rectegorize a Cards Payment to the 'Self Care' section, you can!

Do more with your money

Whatever your money goals are, understanding your relationship with money is a vital step. gomoney is the only bank that allows you to spend, track and understand your money habits all on one app.

Plus, our app is packaged with spending tools like virtual cards, bill payments and more, all in a neat user-friendly app, created for your comfort.

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