While building gomoney, one of the things we're committed to is listening to your needs.

Last year, we made a few changes to our virtual cards due to regulatory practices. We soon discovered that these changes made gomoney virtual cards inaccessible to many users, so we prioritised fixing that.

  • Hence, we're bringing back virtual cards to Tier 2 gomoney customers! 😊

This means that by just providing your BVN, in addition to other Tier 2 benefits, you would now be able to enjoy gomoney virtual cards! πŸŽ‰

As a Tier 2 user, your virtual MasterCards will work on online platforms owned by local merchants- these are businesses that operate in Nigeria and process payments in Naira.

How would this work?

Previously, we restricted access to virtual MasterCards to Tier 3 account holders. When a customer below Tier 2 attempted to create a virtual card on their gomoney app, they were prompted to upgrade to Tier 3.

Now, however, while the N200,000 spending limit will still apply, Tier 2 users can access a virtual MasterCard without an upgrade.


To get a virtual card:

  • 1. Swipe right on your gomoney home page

  • 2. Click "Get a virtual card."

  • 3. Done! Your virtual card will be ready for use on favourite Nigerian websites in 12 hours or less! πŸ₯

  • NB: Your virtual card payments will fail if added to international sites as a Tier 2 user. To access cards for both local and international transactions, you will still need to upgrade to a Tier 3 account.

Benefits for you

gomoney virtual cards give more spending control

  • 1. Track all online purchases made locally, i.e. Nigerian websites

  • 2. Total control when you shop online: you can block, freeze or delete your card should you feel unsafe about a platform you have inputted your details on.


One of our promises has always been to simplify money and build the bank you deserve by ensuring that gomoney is inclusive and caters to your needs.

If you have any question about virtual cards for your Tier 2 account, kindly reach out to us.

We're happy to help. πŸ’™