This was most likely the concluding question the speaker asked you at the recent life-coaching event you attended or maybe it’s one of those questions you wake up to when you commute to and from work, got stuck in an unpleasant condition that questioned your existence and life choices or maybe worse; a ‘situationship’ with someone that didn’t move past the talking stage, right? Whatever it is, you are not weird for seeking answers to the one question that cripples you every time you deprive yourself of a little bit of gratification but guess what, we have the answer.

What is the answer? We’ll get to it but for now, let’s talk about what you deserve. You believe the reward for work is rest and a bit of enjoyment here and there, we do too! 

Maybe you have a wish list and a wish of getting a day off from handling your bills, you honestly desire the FREE in freedom for the things you deserve, a massage after the week’s marathon, a change of wardrobe to reflect your status, some skin care product for the ‘glow’ category or some luxury living with a dash of a weekend getaway and breakfast in bed.

But again all these might not happen soon because it’s just the beginning of the month and your account is currently bleeding from the debits here and there, so you just console yourself and shrug it off, this is where we stop you. Hol’ up, you can get all these and more NOW!

This is the part where you sit at the edge of your chair for the answer. You are getting rewarded this month for every hard work and bit of enjoyment you’ve desired and deserve. How do we know? This month  ‘the bank you deserve’ gomoney, a Nigerian digital bank is granting wishes and giving you what you deserve, just like Santa Claus right? Doubting Thomas, we heard your thought, and this is nothing of what you think. There is no form of competition or hunting for ‘followers and likes.’ All that is needed of you is to make your wish on our campaign website through a link that would be on all our social media bios.

You know how Santa's reindeer come once a year, well this is one of those moments you don’t want to miss. What could you stand to lose? Well, what about what you stand to gain which is free and premium enjoyment and a chance of getting one item marked off your wish list? Our advice is ‘don’t wait to hear go before you get ready.’ Hurry to all our social media platforms, follow us and get ready to have your wishes granted!

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Gomoney offers simplified banking and is available on the google play store and app store. You can set up an account in just 3 minutes!