The one thing we can all agree on is how tired we are of the scarcities. Scarcity invites all sorts of chaotic situations that affect us morally, physically, emotionally, and of course, financially.

Scarcity sheds light on you and your money habits. It unmasks the reality that there aren't enough resources to go around, money is a struggle to come by and we have to scrimp to conserve and hoard what is ours.

It is said that a person’s true self is revealed by how they behave during scarcity, and this includes spending habits. So, let’s explore the different kinds of people during fuel scarcity


1. The Emperor! The Conqueror! The Champion! The Lion

These people cannot be bothered by fuel scarcity because they always have a solution. They can afford the luxury of throwing money at the problem. Whatever the price is; jumping the queue, black market, or getting someone to do it, it will always be settled. Even the thought of going to the fuel station talk less about queuing with the crowd already gives them a phantom headache. Soft life is the only thing they understand.

Their mental health comes first and their monthly spending report usually consists of paying for services which usually cost more than doing it yourself. “Billionaire onye ji cash”!


2. Fuel Prefect

Have you met someone who does not allow their fuel meter to go below the half gauge? These people never wait till the last minute. No matter what comes up, they are always prepared for the unknown. If you get a hold of their car in an emergency situation you will go as far as the mind can reach. Bill them when you see them, they have MONEYYYY.

They have mastered the art of emergency funds and are very conversant with the gostash feature. Good fund management and savings culture. Best in survival.


3. The Early Birds 

There is no sleep for lazy man. These people would search for the fuel stations selling at the cheapest rates. They wake up early, queue in front of the filling stations as early as possible and get on with their day. However, this isn’t for the faint-hearted. You have to be smart and park accordingly for this. The early bed catches the worm.

They are very good at budgeting. These people don’t want to spend beyond the amount they have assigned for the period. Their spending report usually coincides with their budget as they go the extra mile to keep their purchases as low as possible without extra unnecessary spending.


4. YOLO – You only live once

These are people who even when their car fuel is on E (empty), they will still refuse to buy fuel. As long as their car is still moving, they see no need to fuel it. Do you have a friend, who still cackles when their phone battery is at 1%? Yup, that’s them! These people live on vibes and inshallah. When their car stops, they park it and use a taxi.

Their spending report usually consists of last-minute purchases which almost always cost more than they should. Food and self-care are likely the categories they spend on the most. Even with a N10,000 balance, they would spend N9,500 on comfort. 

How can you better ease the fuel scarcity wahala on your finances?

Fuel Scarcity keeps us in a constant and disempowered state of survival. No matter what category you fall under, one thing that is important to learn is how to track your spending.  

When you track your spending you can understand your spending habit better. This will help you make informed financial decisions even in times like this. You don’t want to be caught slipping when it comes to achieving your financial goals just because you allowed it to burn up with the fuel.  

Scarcity is not a pleasant thing to experience, nevertheless, it is important to have a bank with payment solutions that ease the process of transactions. And guess which platform is the fastest and most convenient way to make and receive payments? Yup, gomoney! The bank you deserve.