We can all agree that money makes love sweeter because it can help us grow our love through investments, gifts, vacations, and on days like valentines’ day, to make our dear ones feel loved and to tension the gram 😉. But between the beautiful ideas of love and money, some lies can sneak their way through. Where do these lies come from, and why do they come in?

Sometimes people lie to their partners to avoid hurting them. However, according to unconfirmed sources, people lie to hide information - usually about infidelity or financial dealings. Whatever it is, lies always cause more problems than solutions.

Disclaimer: You may or may not agree with the advice below, and that’s fine.

When it comes to financial responsibility, individuals do not only have to be honest with themselves, but also with their partners. Financial honesty gives room for better financial planning among spouses, and this could help in how you can both support each other and manage your finances. It might just be with splitting the bill on your next date or contributing to paying recurring bills at home.

Be financially responsible. Before you go out to have fun, make sure you settle your bills. If you schedule your bill payments, it would help you maintain a good standard of living. That way, you know that your balance is for your investments and chill.

These tips are not specific to those in relationships. As an individual, it is also important to track your spending when you hang out with friends too! Show your friends how to split the bill with gomoney; don’t be responsible for bills that are beyond you. Remember, don’t spend more than what you earn.

This Valentine, we’re asking you to go for love the smart way. Go for all the things that make love better – honesty and better financial management. Avoid the lies and use your money to make your love sweet; whether it’s self-love or love for someone else.

Anyway, in typical Naija parlance and attitude - “No be me go tell you wetin to buy with your money” but we can show you a better way to manage it and build better love; Get gomoney – it’s a great place to start. Click here to join the #gofam.